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Stoomgemaal Halfweg

Steam-powered pumping station Halfweg, a steam experience!

Are you looking for a unique location for meetings, presentations, business events or tourist visits, with a terrace on the waterfront? Then look no further than the steam-powered pumping station at Halfweg, the world’s oldest and biggest still operational scoop-wheel pumping station.
Experience how large parts of the Netherlands have been reclaimed from the water and kept dry to this day at this fine example of industrial heritage. Surprise your guests with a visit to the engine room with its monumental 500 hp steam engine and gigantic paddle-wheels capable of pumping 1.5 million litres of water per minute! On request, the mighty steam engine is set in motion and one of your guests can turn the big wheel to open the steam valve. An unforgettable experience! The museum offers various catering options, as well as audio and video equipment and free WiFi. The boiler house, the venue for receptions and presentations, hosts up to 100 people.


opening hours

opening hours

Steam-powered pumping station Halfweg